Retired professional soccer player Corey Ashe will join INEOS GO Run For Fun as the program’s 2019 elite athlete ambassador. Corey played Major League Soccer from 2007 to 2016 and his accomplishments include being a part of the MLS Cup-winning Houston Dynamo in 2007, and being named to the MLS All-Star teams in 2011 and 2013. Corey reports that one of his favorite experiences as a major league soccer player was having the opportunity to test his skills in a match against Premier League team Manchester United!

Today Corey owns his own company, providing personal training to individuals and soccer coaching to kids. He has a wealth of experience in sports training and nutrition, which he shares – along with his personal story of perseverance – with the kids at our GO Run For Fun events. He brings excitement to our events, and he loves sharing his passion for health and fitness with the kids. He was also our elite athlete ambassador in 2018, and we loved working with him so much that we asked him to stay on for another year.

GO Run For Fun is a 1-mile fun run that’s delivered free to participating elementary schools. Runs are held during the school day to allow all children a chance to see how much fun exercise can be. Children receive a free tee shirt and race bib, and get to have a true road-race experience. After a warm up and pre-run pep talk from our athlete ambassador, they take off for their 1-mile run. After a cool down session and short talk about health and nutrition, they get to ask the athlete a few questions. Among our favorites are always “How many miles does a soccer player run in a game?” and “What’s your favorite vegetable?” FYI the answers are 8 – 11 miles and broccoli! We’re looking forward to another great year of runs with Corey in 2019.