Strengthening kids’ love

for academics & exercise.

Strengthening kids’ love for academics & exercise.

Enabling Innovations in Learning

Today’s kids learn in different ways than their predecessors.

They’re using more technology than ever before.

Unfortunately, school funding hasn’t caught up with our kids’ needs for new and different ways to learn.

Your donations go straight to major grant programs that help teachers to develop innovative and interesting solutions that enhance learning.

Let’s give our kids a chance to experience innovations in learning.

Many of the children in my elementary school come from economically disadvantaged families. By contributing to education foundation grants the INEOS ICAN Foundation helps to provide my teacher with new and exciting ways to teach children core concepts that they’d never have access to on their own.

Principal D. Baker, Bill Hasse Elementary

Even kids who may not be the best students can really shine when they’re exposed to these new teaching tools.

Teacher D. Adams, Falcon Pass Elementary

Some projects your donations have funded include…

We have a short lesson on the heart using our heart mural and how blood circulates through it, then the kids ride on scooters through the Heart Challenge Course as if they were the blood droplets circulating through it.  Sometimes, we “clog” the Aorta and talk to the kids about healthy eating habits to avoid heart attacks. It’s really a lot of fun for the kids and a great teaching tool! Thanks again so much for allowing this awesome opportunity for learning!

Mary Caruth, Armand Bayou Elementary

Getting Kids Active

Inactivity is at an all time high and our kids need exercise. Many of them don’t get any activity outside of school. So we’re bringing healthy habits straight to them!

GO Run For Fun is an international program that delivers free fun runs to elementary schools. Your donations help bring this program to schools throughout Harris, Galveston and Brazoria counties.

These events are structured like a mini 5k run.

We encourage them to participate daily in the exercise they enjoy best, whether it’s running, swimming, bike riding, dancing, team sports or just playing around in their backyard.

We share our message that exercise should be fun with all the children who attend our events.

Kids also get a chance to ask questions of our Athlete Ambassador – a professional athlete who attends the runs to help create excitement and deliver our message of health and activity.

At the events, kids learn:

I want to thank you for coming out and getting our students active! After the run more than 50 additional children – and even some parents – joined our after-school running club. A year later most are still running with us!
Vice Principal K. Kling, Alvin Elementary
My son was so excited after his fun run that he came home and asked me if I’d start running with him!
Stevenson Elementary school mom

Some of our kids are quite poor, so having everyone wear the same pink shirt on race day made us all one community.

PE Coach T. Perrin, Stevenson Elementary
This was the best day of my life!
Brookwood Elementary kindergarten student