Nick Goepper, an Olympic Freestyle skier, joined us on May 22 to encourage kids in Cleves, Ohio to “GO Run For Fun”!

Nick, who grew up in nearby Lawrenceburg, Indiana, competes in the slopestyle event. Today Nick lives and trains in Utah, but in May he visited Three Rivers Elementary in Cleves to pump kids up for their 1-mile GO Run For Fun run.

It was a blast having Nick at the event and the kids really connected with him! Nick taught the kids some fun but challenging Freestyle skiing warmups before their run. He explained how important it is to warm up before exercising to avoid getting hurt. He told the almost 900 students that he also loves to run and then proved it, running a quarter lap with every class as it left the starting gate!

Nick spoke to the kids again after the run. Nick’s recommendation was to pick a goal and go after it. For instance, he talked about how money was tight in his family when he was growing up, but he refused to let that keep him from his goal. He sold candy bars on the bus to help buy the ski lift tickets needed to practice his skiing.

Nick also brought his Olympic medals to show the kids.  These were a bronze, which he won at the 2014 Sochi Olympics, and his silver from the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics. The kids were really excited to see Olympic medals in person. One boy was overheard saying, “whoaaaa, I didn’t know they’re so BIG!”

Nick told the kids to keep after their studies. He had mentioned earlier that skateboarding is a great cross training sport for Freestyle skiing and one student asked how he balanced studying with skiing and skateboarding. His advice for the kids was to make a deal with themselves. If, and only if, they finished their homework and were happy with it, then they could allow themselves to have fun. He also said to “get off Fortnite every once in a while and go outside to have fun!”

Thanks so much to Nick for inspiring kids to exercise, and for giving them great tactics to help achieve their goals!