On May 22, Three Rivers Elementary treated their 880 students to an INEOS GO Run For Fun run! Students and teachers took to Three Rivers’ playing field early on that bright, sunny morning. There they found their 1-mile course route marked out with pink ribbon and pink traffic cones. Pop music played, and kids in classes from kindergarten through 4th started dancing while they waited for their run to start. Within no time, it was one big pink dance party!

The kids got a chance to meet Dart, the GO Run For Fun mascot, and special guest Nick Goepper. Nick is a 2-time Olympic Freestyle skiing champion who grew up in the Three Rivers area. Nick was super with the kids. He showed them his bronze and silver medals and taught them some freestyle skiing warm ups.  He also told them to focus on their goals and not play too much Fortnite! Nick loves being outside, and in addition to being an elite skier he loves to run. So when it was time to GO he ran a quarter lap with almost every class as it left the starting gate. Nick finished out the mile by running with a few of the kids from the last class to GO Run For Fun.

At the finish line the kids grabbed a bottle of water provided by INEOS ABS, the local manufacturing company that sponsored the run. The kids then participated in a mass cool down activity, and several lucky children got a chance to ask Nick a question. Some of the things they wanted to know were “do you play video games?” and “what was your favorite subject in school?” One child even asked him what it feels like to be at the Olympics!

Overall, the teachers and kids had a great time outside in the fresh air. Thanks again to Three Rivers Elementary, Nick Goepper, and INEOS ABS for a successful event. We hope to see you again soon!