Maggie is a high-level marathon runner who has placed well in many marathons across the world.  These include one of the most competitive in the US, the Boston Marathon.  She’s qualified for Boston six times, and has run it twice! Originally from Ecuador, Maggie will represent her home country in the world championships in London this May.  She’ll be Ecuador’s first runner in the Abbott World Championships.  Maggie’s also scheduled to run in the 2021 Tokyo Marathon.  Tokyo is one of six marathons in the Abbott World Championships.  It is the last World Marathon Major, and will be Maggie’s 17th marathon.

Outside running, Maggie is a life coach and former elementary school teacher.  She’s passionate about making a difference in other’s lives.  She has a great story to share with the children at our events.  You see, Maggie didn’t start running seriously until she was an adult.  She teaches that achievement is a mindset.  She says “you have to decide that you’re going to succeed,” and then put in the work to make it happen.  One Day.  One Action.  One Habit at a Time.

We’re pleased to have Maggie on board as our guest athlete this year.  She’ll be a great addition to our team, and to our mission of helping children develop good exercise habits for a lifetime!