INEOS ICAN volunteers from the Alvin area met on January 15 at Gordon Street Tavern in Alvin. Volunteers were employees from INEOS Oligomers and INEOS Olefins & Polymers USA. This terrific group of folks is very involved in our community outreach efforts.

We appreciate everything they do to deliver safe and fun runs to kids at local elementary schools. In 2019, they helped to deliver 21 GO Run For Fun runs to 14,400 children. These runs encourage children to build good exercise habits.

We appreciate their efforts to increase sponsorship of our fundraising events. Sponsors are our lifeblood. Without their generous donations we wouldn’t be able to serve local communities with fun runs.  We wouldn’t be able to help teachers to create exciting teaching projects.

And we appreciate their passion. Some of these volunteers worked – sometimes for years – to help secure GO Run For Funs in new school districts where we live and work.

Thanks again to all our volunteers! See you in 2020!