INEOS GO Run For Fun had its 2020 global kickoff in our own backyard. The first fun of the year was held at Calder Road Elementary School in Dickinson ISD on Friday, January 17th! It was an exciting start to the year. The INEOS GO Run For Fun Program also celebrated its 330,000th runner at Calder Elementary. Not only that, but Calder’s run featured our newest GRFF athlete ambassador, Maggie Lentz.

Maggie lives in Pearland, Texas with her husband and two sons. She is a former teacher turned marathoner. She has completed 12 marathons, countless halves and many other races, placing on top for most. She completed her first ultra-marathon in 2018, finishing 3rd in the women’s race. She’s qualified for Boston 6 times and has run it twice. Maggie participated in a World Majors’ race in Berlin in 2019. She will run in the world championships in London in 2020 and Tokyo in 2021. And yet, she didn’t start running until she was an adult.  Maggie’s advice to the kids is to set small goals and increase them as you achieve them. That’s the way she started running marathons: by putting one step in front of the other.

Many thanks to our wonderful INEOS volunteers: Paige Hoyt, Libby Olson, Abel Grosjean, Nate Moutz , Sarah Tannahill and Garrett Miller. Thank you as well to Calder Road’s teachers and students. We love your enthusiasm for running!