On January 16, the ICAN Foundation and a friend stopped by Alvin ISD’s admin building. We crashed the beginning of AISD’s Education Foundation board meeting. No one complained, though, because we were there to present a check for $8500!  This was ICAN’s 4th annual donation.  Since 2016, ICAN has donated a total of $33,300 to Alvin’s Education Foundation for teaching grants.

Sheila Olson, Executive Director of the Alvin Education Foundation, introduced our crew. INEOS ICAN Executive Director Kathryn Shuler was there. So were ICAN’s Fundraising Manager Lori Ginsburg, and Volunteer Ray Brewster. Kathryn explained ICAN’s mission to the board.

She said “It’s our mission to support innovative and creative instructional approaches to education. A great teacher is the foundation of a great education, and we want local kids to have a great education”. Our goal is to offer teachers and students opportunities to teach and learn in ways that excite and challenge them.

The Alvin Education Foundation is a great organization that helps us to do this.  We are pleased to donate again this year to the Alvin Education Foundation.