On January 10, a group of INEOS employees presented a $5000 check to the Danbury Education Foundation. The donation, made on behalf of the INEOS ICAN Foundation, was ICAN’s first to Danbury ISD.

Celia Lewis, Executive Director of the Danbury ISD Education Foundation, accepted the donation. Members of the Education Foundation board were also on hand to accept our check. As were Danbury ISD’s superintendent, school principals and teachers.

ICAN’s $5000 donation will fund special teaching grants in Danbury ISD. These grants provide resources for innovative teaching projects, which help kids to learn.

Danbury ISD’s Education Foundation manages their grant application process in a unique way. Teachers who win a grant must make a short video of their project in action to be eligible for future grants. This assures that donors, parents, and staff can see the effects of the grants.

Celia offered to name one of this year’s grants after the Foundation. She’s also going to let us pick from a list of board-approved grant applications. We promise to share with you the final project video of “our” grant!

Four INEOS employees helped to present the check. They were Erica White, Lynn Neubauer, Lee Kay, and Bubba White. INEOS retiree Teddy Meinke (who now works for Danbury ISD) also helped to presenting the check.