It was an exciting day for Sara and Amanda as they represented the INEOS ICAN Foundation at a recent Walmart celebration. The celebration was a ribbon cutting for the League City Walmart’s new online order-pickup service. As part of the celebration, The League City Walmart gave grants to local organizations. ICAN was one of the grant-winning organizations.

The celebration began with a dancing Chester Cheeto mascot. He got the crowd hyped up for the new online order pickup station at the store. He had a whole dance routine that would even impress Beyoncé! Pikachu was also there and several people took pictures with him.

As a crowd gathered around, the excitement grew. The ICAN Foundation was the first organization called up. Sara and Amanda were thrilled to accept Walmart’s check. They could not believe their eyes when they realized that it was for more than they were expecting. When the assistant manager, Sharon Broomfield, had visited the ICAN Foundation earlier in the month, she had initially indicated that Walmart would be donating $500. Much to Sara and Amanda’s surprise, they actually gave the foundation $750!

This grant will help us to provide 30 – 50 kids from McWhirter Elementary with free entries to the Boo Dash 5K! The kids will be able to wear Halloween costumes during the race for extra fun. We can’t wait to see what they show up to the race wearing!

The celebration ended with freebies and treats! We couldn’t be more excited about this special gift. Thank you again to Walmart and Sharon Broomfield for your generosity!

For more information on the Boo Dash 5K, visit