On May 7, fifty-six attendees braved a rainsquall to attend ICAN’s ribbon cutting ceremony for their new offices and celebration of their new membership with the League City Chamber of Commerce. These attendees represented 33 different local businesses, foundations and schools.

The celebration began with a short networking and social session, complete with refreshments served. It was a great way to get to know the members of the Chamber of Commerce and thank them for coming to the celebration despite the bad weather.

Tim Avery, the INEOS ICAN Foundation’s Board Chair, kicked off the ceremony by presenting an overview of the Foundation. He explained ICAN’s relationship to the chemical company INEOS, and talked about ICAN’s sources of funding and its efforts to positively influence child health and education in local communities.

Banners displayed around the room showed some of ICAN’s key impact numbers. Between its inception in 2015 and year-end 2018 the Foundation invested over $353,000 in local communities. During this period, local Education Foundations received $77,000 for teaching grants. The remaining funds were used to deliver GO Run For Fun runs to 41,000 children attending 29 elementary schools in 4 different school districts.

Dr. Michael Marquez – the keynote speaker – then took to the podium. Dr. Marquez is the Principal of McWhirter Elementary School in the Clear Creek Independent School District. McWhirter is one of the first schools to partner with the ICAN Foundation and students there have participated in GO Run For Fun for the past 4 years. McWhirter was also a recipient of an ICAN-sponsored teaching grant.

Dr. Marquez thanked the ICAN Foundation for its continuing service to McWhirter Elementary and spoke about the value local businesses bring to schools. He said that local organizations and businesses bring experience and resources to which the schools might not otherwise have access. He talked about the impact on his students, and how partnering can make a real difference in their lives.

After Dr. Marquez concluded his speech, ICAN Board members, staff, and a number of representatives from local businesses cut a ceremonial ribbon provided by the Chamber of Commerce. The ICAN Foundation would like to once again thank the 56 brave people came out during the spring shower to attend ICAN’s ribbon cutting ceremony, and look forward to continued stewardship with fellow members of the League City Chamber of Commerce.