Four local Education Foundations all received donations from the INEOS ICAN Foundation in 2018. In total, $30,000 was donated to the Education Foundations of Alvin, Clear Creek, Dickinson and La Porte. These wonderful organizations award grants to teachers for special projects that help expand their students’ skills and knowledge.

Teachers who have an idea for a project prepare and submit a grant request to their local district’s Education Foundation. The grant requests are discussed, reviewed and scored by a large independent group – usually the Education Foundation’s board members – and the top requests are funded.

Teacher Debbie Adams at Falcon Pass Elementary in Clear Creek ISD had this to say about the INEOS ICAN-named grant she received to buy programmable robots, which she’s using to teach logic and math to her 3rd – 5th grade gifted and talented students. “I see that the jobs of the future will require computational thinking, creativity and teamwork, and this grant allows me to instill those into my students above and beyond what’s possible with the traditional classroom curriculum!”

Occupational Therapist Jodi Singer, from McWhirter Elementary, received an INEOS ICAN-named grant for a project to help children develop their fine motor skills. Jodi explained that children are spending more time playing with electronics and less time doing things like playing with blocks or climbing trees. The result is that kids aren’t developing the fine motor skills needed to hold a pencil or even to tie their shoes. Jodi’s grant introduced hand tools that help kids develop fine motor skills while they’re learning spelling and math. The best part is that Jodi’s grant allowed her to collaborate more closely with McWhirter’s teaching staff, and expanded her reach from impacting 30 students to impacting over 200 students.

The INEOS ICAN Foundation is proud and pleased to have been able to provide support for valuable projects like these and looks forward to supporting additional projects in the future.