Every year the INEOS ICAN Foundation donates to local Education Foundations. This spring the Education Foundations of Alvin, Clear Creek, and Dickinson ISDs funded 10 of their grants from ICAN donations. The INEOS ICAN-named grants will help teachers to reinforce STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) concepts in their classrooms.

This May, three members of the ICAN team helped to celebrate 24 local teachers by awarding them with 10 individual/team ICAN Foundation-sponsored grants. ICAN Board member Dennis Seith and staff members Sara Cassells and Kathryn Shuler were on hand during the award ceremonies to pass out the grant winners’ big symbolic checks.

Teachers know when it’s their district’s grant-award date, but only their school Principals know which teachers have won. On grant day a large contingent of Education Foundation staff and board members, school administrators, community members, cheerleaders, grant sponsors – including the ICAN team – converged on the schools. Footsteps were tapped out to the beat of the high school band’s drummers as the group marched towards the winning teachers’ classrooms. The group surprised grant-winning teachers with balloons, silly string, and checks while students cheered wildly for their wins.

The 10 ICAN grants cover a wide age range of grade levels and projects at multiple campuses. Teachers at two elementary schools, seven junior highs, and one high school were awarded ICAN grants. Among the exciting projects to receive funding are a tectonic plate simulator, materials that allow students to build and understand electronic circuitry, a weather center, robotics competition supplies, a 3D printer for creating 3D-printed periodic tables of the chemical elements, and a hip hop/pop music video making studio that also teaches scientific concepts.

Bill Hasse Elementary teachers Cynthia Hilton and Rikki Lookingbill expressed appreciation for their weather center award, saying, “Students are shown pictures of weather tools but don’t get to learn how they’re used. This will make real-life, daily weather recordings a possibility right outside their (classroom) doors and windows!”

The INEOS ICAN Foundation’s mission is to positively impact health and education outcomes for local students.  Go to www.icanfoundationtx.org to learn more!