Giving kids a chance to grow up

healthier and better educated.

Giving kids a chance to grow up healthier and better educated.

In 2013,

a free fun run program was developed in England to help combat a growing health and obesity problem among kids.

The program, called GO Run For Fun, is a 1-mile fun run, delivered to elementary schools for free, during the school day, so that all kids can join in.

GO Run For Fun is designed to help kindergarten through fifth-grade kids see how much fun exercising can be, and to help them develop an interest in exercising outside of PE class. Recognizing that a similar health problem exists in Texas, the INEOS ICAN Foundation was created to deliver the GO Run For Fun program to kids living in communities on the Houston Gulf Coast.

While talking to teachers, we realized that there’s also a need to fund projects that help kids learn in new and different ways. And because we want local kids to be both healthy and educated, the INEOS ICAN Foundation began to support teacher grants through the education foundations of local ISDs.

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A recent study classified almost 20% of Texas students as either overweight or obese.

Exercise is an important part of kids’ development, yet the amount of time kids spend in physical education classes and recess has been shortened, and many kids only get their exercise at school.

It’s time to fill the gap in physical activity and get kids interested in exercising outside of PE class. Wouldn’t exercise be something you’d want to do every day if it were fun? We think kids should Go Run For Fun.


And in addition to our children’s physical activity…

Texas is ranked 43rd in overall
state education funding.

Kids today learn much differently than their predecessors, but a lack in funding limits teachers’ ability to adapt.

Wouldn’t you be more interested in learning math, reading and science if you were engaged in a way you respond to?

We need to equip teachers with the resources they need to innovate their classrooms!

We’re here to facilitate a change for the better.

Just like you, we want our communities to be full of healthy, educated kids.

Kids who become adults with lower risk of long-term illness, who have the education and skills needed to compete for great jobs and raise healthy families.

Our mission is to work with teachers and schools to help local Texas children become more physically active and educated. Won’t you please join us in helping to better prepare Harris, Galveston and Brazoria county kids for a healthier, brighter future?

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